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TrueSight Operations Management for Storage

TrueSight Operations Management for Storage

Extend TrueSight monitoring to storage

TrueSight Operations Management for Storage monitors any storage system in your data center. Helps detect hardware failures, performance and capacity issues before they impact your business.

These infrastructure knowledge modules for TrueSight Operations Management provide a unique and comprehensive monitoring solution for multi-vendor SANs.
  • Reduce integration costs by relying on a truly vendor-agnostic solution
  • Maximize uptime and performance by detecting bottlenecks in your storage infrastructure
  • Reduce IT cost by optimizing disk space utilization

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A Full Picture of your SAN

TrueSight Operations Management for Storage monitors the availability, capacity, and performance for Dell, EMC, Hitachi, HP, IBM, NetApp disk arrays, for Cisco and Brocade SAN switches and for Symantec Netbackup, EMC Networker and IBM TSM backup servers.

Detect Performance Bottlenecks

Monitors the traffic on the SAN, the I/O at each level of the disk array (controllers, LUNs, physical disks, etc.), and compares traffic to help diagnose unbalanced workload.

Prevent Storage Shortages

Reports on the consumed and available disk space (overall, per storage pool and per volume) with full support for thin provisioning.

Prevent Data Loss and Corruption

Reports disk failures and all hardware problems. Reports when oversubscribed pools are reaching their full capacity.

Monitor Backups

Detects mechanical and backup software problems and helps ensure compliance with backup policies.

Prevent Storage Shortages

Prevent Storage Shortages

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